Page & Settings

Provide contextual feedback messages for typical user actions with the handful of available and flexible alert messages.

Get started

Use @Html.Nettex().Page() method to set page settings
This method must be top of the page(.cshtml)

Set the page title
@Html.Nettex().Page().Title("Title here") 
Change page background color
Set the page header
    .Title("Title here")
    .Header(setting => {
        setting.Nav = DemoMenu.GetDemoMenu();
        setting.ShowTopbar = true;
        setting.Transparency = HeaderTransparency.Transparent;

Create custom menu

use .Prefix(string prefix) method to set prefix

    public partial class MyMenu {
        public static Nav GetMenu() {
            var nav = new Nav();
            var url = new UrlHelper(HttpContext.Current.Request.RequestContext);

            var home = new Dropdown("Home", url.Action("Index", "Home"));

            var about = new Dropdown("About") {
                Dropdowns = {
                   new Dropdown("About Us", url.Action("About", "Page")),
                   new Dropdown("Contact Us", url.Action("Contact", "Page")),
                   new Dropdown("Team", url.Action("Team", "Page"))

            var features = new Dropdown("Features", url.Action("Index", "Features")) {
                Dropdowns = {
                    new Dropdown("Features", url.Action("Index", "Features")),
                    new Dropdown(DropdownType.Divider),
                    new Dropdown("Manage") {
                       Dropdowns = {
                           new Dropdown("Blog Post", url.Action("BlogPost", "Features")),
                           new Dropdown("Portfolio", url.Action("Portfolio", "Features"))
                   new Dropdown("Picture Uploader", url.Action("PictureUploader", "Features")),
                   new Dropdown("Html & Code Editor", url.Action("HtmlEditor", "Features")),


            return nav;
      .Title("Title here") 
      .Header(setting => {
          setting.Nav = MyMenu.GetMenu();
          setting.ShowTopbar = false;
          setting.Transparency = HeaderTransparency.Transparent;


Alerts are available for any length of text, as well as an optional dismiss button

Method Description

.Method(bool value)

Comming soon.