Create custom setting and use that setting at anywhere.

Create Setting

Goto settings page from manage panel. Create and use infinity settings at code behind(C# or .cshtml)

Create setting page
There are 5 type of data types
  • String

    Define and use string setting value

  • Number

    Define and use number setting value

  • Boolean

    Define and use boolen setting value

  • Date

    Define and use date setting value

  • Picture

    Upload a picture and use that picture at code behiend(c# or .cshtml)

  // Get the defined string
 // Get the defined picture
 // Get the defined boolean

 // Get the defined number

 // Get the defined date
Using defined picture on code behind
<img src="@Setting("mycustom.setting").PictureUrl" /> 


Alerts are available for any length of text, as well as an optional dismiss button

Method Description

.Method(bool value)

Comming soon.